About Chapter 392

Our Shared Mission

It’s our shared mission to ensure veterans get the benefits and care they have earned during their service to our nation. 

  • Not one veteran should be homeless or contemplating suicide. 
  • Not one veteran should be left alone to cope with the effects of PTSD, TBI or substance abuse. 
  • Not one veteran should be without the medical benefits they have earned. 
  • Not one veteran should suffer social or judicial injustices. 
  • Not one veteran or their family should be left in the dark when it comes to research on toxin exposure.

Our Vet Center

VVA Chapter 392 is located in a building formerly used by United Pipe and Supply. The space consists of almost all of the 2nd floor of the office building, with 11 offices,  6 cubicles, a lunch room, 3 bathrooms (including a shower) and 2 large meeting areas. Gary McAdams, our former chapter president, had a vision for this facility: he wanted to make it into a one-stop Veteran Outreach Center. 

Fort Kennedy
One of Gary’s first moves was to invite Tina Kennedy, founder of Fort Kennedy, to join us at the center. Her non-profit organization, called Fort Kennedy, is dedicated to help homeless veterans. It currently operates as  a day center for homeless vets, offering  showers, clothing, and a meal 5 days a week. Tina’s dream is to someday offer tiny homes for homeless vets.  Homeless vets who come to the center have clothing available to them, ranging from pants, shirts, coats, shoes/boots, to sleeping bags. All donated to Fort Kennedy. Fort Kennedy also provides Thanksgiving meals for  veteran families as well as Christmas presents and dinners .

Baby Closet
During our first few weeks of operation in 2016, a young family came to us. It was a vet recently returned from Afghanistan with his wife and 3 day old child. They had no clothes for their baby. Gary immediately worked on establishing a baby closet.  This closet has clothing for infants, along with diapers, formula, and other infant needs.  All are freely given to families in need.

Love One
Love One supports homeless veterans by providing  laundering  services.  Clean clothes go a long way to helping the homeless, boosting their self-respect.
Homeless vets put their dirty clothes into laundry bags and leave these at the center.  These are  picked up by Love One and the clothes are washed, folded, and returned to the center.  The clean clothes are then picked up at no cost to the veterans.

F.I.D.O. is a pet food bank.  Many homeless vets have no family other than their pet.  F.I.D.O. provides food, and some medications, along with collars,  and beds.

Veteran Service Officer (VSO)
Many veterans wishing to file a claim have no idea as to how, where, and what to do.  A VSO is available weekly available at the center to guide veterans thru the process of filing a claim. A properly filed claim has a much better chance of being approved.  That is why it is critically important to have a knowledgeable VSO assisting them.

Legal Assistance
Veteran can encounter many types of legal issues. We are privileged to have an attorney available at the center to assist with the legal needs of veterans.

There are other organizations donating their time and experience to veterans at this center.  The goal for this center is to be a one stop facility for veterans assistance. We wish to thank all those that support veterans. But most importantly we thank all those that served our country.


Chapter Bylaws (Adobe PDF document)
Use the link above to download the current Chapter Bylaws.

A Primer on Bylaws (Adobe PDF document)
This document explains what bylaws are and how they are used.

Standing Rules

STANDING RULES (Adobe PDF document)

Standard Procedures

Expense Reimbursement and Invoice Payment
This procedure and associated form is to be used for obtaining reimbursement for purchases made on behalf of the chapter and for approval of invoices sent directly to chapter.

Purchase Requisitions
This procedure and associated form is to be used for procuring items using the chapter credit card.
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Receiving Donations
This procedure and associated form is to be used to document donations made to VVA Chapter 392. Our Tax ID# is 93-1097909.

Guidelines for Interaction with Fort Kennedy
Guidelines for VVA 392 members using services coordinted by Fort Kennedy at the Vet Center.


Elected Officials: 2023-24


President: Steve Carr
Vice President / Secretary: Dudley Redhead
Treasurer: Gary Nepple

Board of Directors

Greg Dunlap
Bill Fuhrer
Jesus (Monte) Montes
Carlos Grant
Michael Griffin
Art Shafer
Vicki Nepple (non-voting - AVVA representative)

Elections Committee

Dudley Redhead
Don Curtis
Greg Dunlap