President's Message


Fellow veterans and friends of VVA Chapter 392,

As many of you already know, I am currently in the VA hospital and am dealing with several health issues. These include surgery to my foot and fighting an infection. At this time, I am not certain how long I will be laid up in the hospital or in recovery at home, but it is likely to be several months.

Because of my condition I am asking our chapter Vice President Dudley Redhead to step forward and assume the Office of President as prescribed in our constitution and bylaws. Dudley will be performing all the duties of president in my absence.

As you may know, I am also serving as chapter treasurer. Because of my health issues we need someone to look after this function. I have appointed Steve Carr to serve a assistant treasurer. Under the provisions of our constitution, Steve will assume the duties of treasurer while I am out.

I do plan to resume my duties as chapter president as soon as my health allows me to return to my duties. In the meantime, I would ask everyone to support Dudley and Steve in their new roles.

Dudley and the board will be reviewing other functions in the chapter and appointing board members to chair various committees to carry us forward. This is important not only in the short term, but also for the long-term mission of our organization.

I will make myself available to help those assuming new duties in making these transitions. In the long-term, I believe these actions will help the chapter grow in many areas where I have been the main support. The bottom line is that we are running a healthy operation.

To all our sister organizations at the Vet Center I want to say that things will continue as they have in the past. VVA is founded on the principle of never abandoning our fellow veterans - no matter when they served. In the last year we have made great progress towards fulfilling that mission. I would ask that all of you contact those in our organization who are assigned to work with you.

Again, please rest assured that we will never cease our efforts towards our mission.

Bye for now talk soon. 

Gary D. McAdams
1SG,USA, Retired
Chapter 392 President
(503) 577-6639 or by e-mail


Gary McAdams and MaryAnn Curl
Gary McAdams presiding at the July 2015 chapter meeting.

Gary McAdams and John Rowan
Gary McAdams, VVA Chapter 392 President,
with John Rowan, VVA National President